71. _________________ (掌握了些事实和数据), customers are better able to deal with the often powerful arguments given by a salesman. (arm)

72. Had you come earlier, I _________________ (有时间) to talk with you now. (have)

73. The exhibition halls for EXPO’, which will be a feast for the eyes, _________________ (在修建中) in Shanghai. (construct)

74. “Can you tell me_________________ (究竟在哪儿) you lost your money?” her mother asked. (it)

75. _________________ (当谈到) the super star, all the students in class will pick themselves up at once. (come)

76. _________________ (尽管她很虚弱), she managed to finish her work. (as)

77. Since he graduated from the university, he _________________ (一直工作) in this factory. (work)

78. It’s very surprising that Guo Jingmin’s novels _________________ (竟然很畅销) among the teenagers. (sell)

79. If it were not for the fact _________________ (她生病了), she would attend tonight’s Super Girls’ Voice. (be)

80. Our total income of 2009 was _________________ (三倍) in 2000. (what)

第二节:短文写作 (共1题,满分25分)

众所周知,温哥华 (Vancouver) 冬奥会于2010年2月12日开幕。中国选手申雪和赵宏博为中国代表团勇夺花样滑冰首枚金牌。请根据提示写一篇观后感, 准备发给校刊英语论坛。可适当发挥。

1. 他们隐退了两年,都三十多岁了,经历了无数苦难、挫折、喜悦和幸福,圆了18年的梦想。

2. 他们完美的表现使世人大饱眼福。我们真心为他们喝彩。

3. 从他们的成功中,你学到了什么?

生词提示:pairs 花样滑冰双人滑;

要求:字数 100 左右。

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1-5 ABCAC 6-10 BCABA 11-15 CBABB 16-20 CBACC

21-25 BDCAC 26-30 CABAD 31-35 BDBCA

36-40 BDAAC 41-45 DCACB 46-50 BDADC 51-55 BCADB

56-60 BBDAC 61-65 CACBA 66-70 DCBAC 71-75 BDDDA









76. A brief introduction to the World Consumer Rights Day.


:答案应该包含关键词:the World Consumer Rights Day。单词拼写无误。

77. To introduce his contribution to this day. / Because it was Kennedy who first put forward the idea.



78. Currently, the fundamental consumer rights are recognized globally.



79. 该宣言获得了各国政府及联合国的广泛认可,即:所有公民,不论收入及社会地位的高低,均享有一定的消费者权利。



80. Some examples of violation of consumer rights by unethical marketing practices.




:1. 卷面涂抹(包括乱涂乱画)严重,总分扣2分;

2. 异色笔、铅笔答题,一律判0分。

第二节:写 作



  1. 本题总分为30分,按5个档次给分。

  2. 评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,判断文章档次时,要注意要点;更要注意按照词汇及语法结构运用及表达方法总体评价文章。

  3. 拼写与标点符号是语言准确性的一个方面,评分时,应视其对交际的影响程度予以考虑。英、美拼写及词汇用法均可接受。

4. 语法结构和词汇方面的错误主要指以下几种:主谓不一致,动词形式(句子时态和语态)不对,词组搭配不当、句子结构错误、词序不当、关键词用错。

5. 如书写较差,以至影响交际,将分数降低一个档次。

  1. 词数少于120和多于150的,从总分中减去2分。


1. 介绍问题现象; 2. 分析正反观点; 3. 发表自己的观点

One possible version

In recent years, there exists a clear trend for various tourism agencies to organize high school students to visit campuses of famous universities around the country during their summer and winter holidays. People’s opinion vary a lot over this issue.

On the one hand, many people, including some students concerned, hold the opinion that university tours provide them with precious opportunities to see and experience university life. And hopefully, this experience might inspire them to work harder to fulfill their dreams.

On the other hand, some other people firmly advocate that it is no use just walking around a university. This kind of understanding is only skin-deep and it can be nothing but a waste of money and time.

In my opinion, since tourism will inevitably affect the normal life of the university students who stay on campus to study during the holidays, such tours make little sense to me. (150 words)


21. ----Do you often enjoy listening to the rock music in your spare time?

----No, I don’t ______ rock music. It’s much too noisy for my taste.

A. go after. B. go on with C. go about D. go in for

22. In time of war, different parties tend to ______ their political differences to fight against foreign invaders shoulder to shoulder.

A. pick up B. set aside C. relate to D. give away

23. There were reports that three companies were ______ to market drug.

A. advocating B. previewing C. negotiating D. reserving

24. Because there was a conflict of interests among the leaders, two members ______ from the board of MVP in protest against its disharmony last week.

A. ranged B. refreshed C. resigned D. rejected

25. “Maybe you all think that I am foolish to make this choice, but time will ______ whether I made the right one or not.” He said.

A. know B. see C. realize D. tell

26. In Mr. Wang’s class, you will often hear “a good reporter must have a(n) ______ for news”.

A. nose B. eye C. gift D. taste

27. According to police ______, Mr. and Mrs. Hunt were found dead on the floor of their kitchen.

A. assessments B. predictions C. accounts D. principles

28. The presentation, management, and outcome of mental disorder differ between ethnic groups, so experts suggest delivering mental health services for a ______ society.

A. bureaucratic B. diverse C. conventional D. primitive

29. I don’t think Peter is too young to take care of the pet dog ______.

A. correctly B. properly C. exactly D. actively

30. It is the sixth month ______ in which exports have fallen because of the economy crisis.

A. in a row B. in total C. in all D. in order





I believe listening is powerful Medicine.

Studies have shown it takes a(n) __31__ about 18 seconds to __32__ a patient after he begins talking.

It was Sunday. I had one last patient to see. I __33__ her room in a hurry and stood at the doorway. She was an older woman, sitting at the edge of the bed, __34__ to put socks on her swollen feet. I stepped in, spoke quickly to the nurse, __35__ her chart noting she was in stable __36__. I was almost in the clear.

I stood against the bed looking down at her. She asked if I could help put on her socks. __37__, I started a monologue that went something like this: "How are you feeling? Your sugars and blood pressure were high but they're better today. The nurse __38__ you're anxious to see your __39__ who's visiting you today. It's nice to have family visit from far away. I bet you really __40__ forward to seeing him."

She __41__ me with a serious, authoritative voice. "Sit down, doctor. This is my story, not your story."

I was surprised and __42__. I sat down. I helped her with the socks. She began to tell me that her only son lived around the corner from her, but she had not seen him in five years. She believed that the stress of this __43__ greatly to her health problems. After hearing her story and putting on her socks, I asked if there was anything else I could do for her. She shook her head no and smiled. All she wanted me to do was to __44__.

Each __45__ is different. Some are detailed; others are unclear. Some have a beginning, middle and end. Others wander __46__ a clear conclusion. Some are true; others not. __47__ what really matters to the storyteller is that the story is __48__-— without interruption, assumption or __49__.

Listening to someone's story is key to healing and diagnosis. I often thought of what that woman taught me, and I often __50__ myself of the importance of stopping, sitting down and truly listening.

31. A. physicist B. physician C. expert D. dentist

32. A. understand B. recognize C. interrupt D. know

33. A. entered B. passed C. left D. approached

34. A. continuing B. learning C. pretending D. struggling

35. A. observed B. scanned C. designed D. evaluated

36. A. level B. condition C. position D. period

37. A. Therefore B. Otherwise C. Instead D. Moreover

38. A. indicated B. responded C. mentioned D. announced

39. A. son B. husband C. brother D. nephew

40. A. look B. tolerate C. chant D. clarify

41. A. bothered B. influenced C. stopped D. puzzled

42. A. disappointed B. scared C. thrilled D. embarrassed

43. A. attached B. contributed C. devoted D. owed

44. A. sit B. wait C. listen D. comfort

45. A. feeling B. case C. life D. story

46. A. without B. to C. for D. at

47. A. And B. Yet C. So D. Then

48. A. read B. written C. repeated D. heard

49. A. judgment B. acknowledgement C. encouragement D. commitment

50. A. convinced B. informed C. reminded D. warned





My sister was sick for a long time before they found out what was the matter with her. She had so many tests , and no answers came, till one day we heard the words we were dreading " Your sister has a rare blood vessel cancer, hopefully we can remove it, but we have only seen 5 cases ,and don't even know if she will survive"

My wedding day was in November, and the family spent most of their time going to the hospital ,so I was on my own with all the arrangements. Not that I minded, we were just waiting to find out what was going to become of my sister.

Finally the surgeons decided amputation was the answer after extensive radiation therapy to shrink the tumour. She was tired and lethargic, and tried hard to put on a brave face, but the fear showed in her eyes.

Fortunately, when the surgery came, the doctors found they could remove the tumour without amputation, but at a great cost. The whole leg muscle was removed , and became infected, and it took many months for my sister to become well enough to leave the hospital, but was unable to stand, let alone walk.

The day of our wedding came around, and still my sister remained unwell, and was not coming to the wedding. I felt sad inside at the thought of it, but she had survived the ordeal ,and that was enough for now.

It was the only dark spot on the happiest day of my life.

As the wedding car pulled up, I saw the family moving around the church ,and felt a slight pang....Jayne was not going to be here to share all this... I stepped out of the wedding car, and rearranged my gown and dress... the church started the bridal march... ...and as in a dream, there was my sister, standing up, supported by two crutches, smiling. I think I am the only bride who stopped in the middle of the bridal march to walk over and kiss my sister on the cheek. It cost my sister so much pain to be there ,to stand and even walk a little. She could not manage it for long, but she did it for me, even when her own future looked uncertain. In my bridal book, there is a page for gifts... and next to my sister’s name is the entry..."Jaynes gift...my sister walked on my wedding day"

And her gift is the one we remember most...

51. From the second paragraph, we can learn that ______.

    A. The family didn't care much about my wedding

    B. I was worried about the arrangement of my wedding

    C. I was angry that I had to arrange my wedding by myself

    D. I think I should care more about my sister's illness

52. What does the underlined word "amputation" mean?

    A. chemical treatment                                

B. removing the tumour

    C. cutting off the leg                                     

D. removing the whole leg muscle

53. What's only the dark spot on my happiest day

    A. my sister's leg was infected.                    

B. My sister could not attend my wedding.

    C. My sister was unable to walk.                

D. My sister failed to survive the cancer.

54. What's the best title of this passage?

    A. My sister's gift.    

  B. My sister's illness.  

C. My brave sister.  

D. My happiest day.


Wild Blue is a none-of-a-kind, geography-oriented exploration and adventure center for children aged 3 through 10.Our mission is to immerse(使沉浸于)children and their families in experiences that relate to the people,places and natural elements of the wonderful planet we live on.All our programs are developed and led by our own world-class team of explorers and educators.The following is a brief introduction to some of our classes:

Global Kitchen

All over the world,people gather together to share meals.In this class, children will learn about the cuisine of a foreign country or region while they create a delicious snack. Recipes will be kid-friendly, and use ingredients(原料)from the country of origin.Your child will learn healthy,easy-to-create recipes he can bring home to share!

Documentary Filmmaking

This 50-minute video documentary film class is specially designed for our 6and 7 years old explorers.Classes will concentrate on the basics of visual storytelling and include subject discovery, story development, storyboard, filming,editing and presenting.Participants will work as a team to produce their own documentary, which will then be screened for friends and family at the course’s conclusion.

Exploring the Wonders of Earth

Designed specifically with our youngest explorers in mind, this semester-long program will expose your child to a wide variety of exciting scientific events that occur on our planet,from chocolate melting,to volcanoes erupting,to seeds sprouting.Through this course children will begin to develop an awareness of the science that makes the earth a marvelous place.

A World of Arts and Crafts

Whether you are seeking to simply extend your child’s time at Wild Blue or looking for a favorite pastime,we offer our own unique version of arts and crafts.Focusing on using found objects,this course encourages children to draw creative inspiration from cultures around the world.This course is available,upon request, as an additional class in your child’s schedule.

55. The passage is mainly about ______.

A. an interesting exploration to the outer space

B. various tips on how to explore

C. an exploration program designed for children

D. a vivid description to an exploring experience

56. In the “Global Kitchen” class, children will _____.

A. learn to create a delicious snack of his own country or region

B. focus on learning complex recipes

C. enjoy the food over the process of making

D. mainly use ingredients that are unpolluted and good to children’s health

57. Those who sign up for thedocumentary filmmaking class .

A. should be children with advanced filmmaking ability

B. can do filmmaking with his partner as wellas his families

C. can work both individually or as a pair

D. will present their works in the end

58. If one parent intends to develop his child’s love for science, which course can he take?

A. Global Kitchen B. Documentary Filmmaking

C. Exploring the Wonders of Earth D. A World of Arts and Crafts


Could the solution to world future energy needs lie in the ocean? It’s possible.

We are not talking about oil, but another potential untapped energy resource called “methane hydrates”.

Methane hydrates are hard, ice-like white solids that form naturally in deposits (沉积物) on ocean floors. They arecomposed of water and highly concentrated methane produced by the microorganisms living in the deposits.

The remarkable thing is that you can hold a flame to a piece of methane hydrate and it will catch on fire. It’s been called “burning ice.”

Methane hydrates are spread around the world. These deposits may in the future become a very important fuel resource. One researcher calculated that a small area off the Southeastern coast of America may contain methane hydrates equal to 30 times the annual U.S. consumption of natural gas.

Right now there are very significant technical and financial challenges facing us before we could exploit this as a resource. Scientists around the world are studying these challenges. One big issue is how to get these methane hydrates off the ocean floor, causing undersea landslides and tidal waves.

Another issue is how to handle the matter after it is brought up. It’s also unclear whether it would make more sense to “mine” solid hydrates or tap the gases found with them. And many deposits may occur in low concentrations with no commercial potential.

Japan, which has no oil supplies of its own, has thrown itself into burning ice research because it has deposits off its shores which could make Japan less dependent on foreign suppliers of oil.

The U.S. Department of Energy and Congress are also supporting research. However, the US administration’s energy policy is focused on traditional fossil (化石) fuels. And at least for now, developing burning ice into a fuel source isn’t high on the energy industry’s list. But if natural gas continues to rise in price, exploiting burning ice might become economically practical.

59. What’s the meaning of the underlined word in Paragraph Two?

A. not existed B. unseen

C. available but not used D. unreal

60. What can you learn from the text?

A. Burning ice has been used in some countries.

B. Applying burning ice tops the energy list in America.

C. Burning ice exists in few countries.

D. There are still some problems in developing the burning ice

61. Why has Japan already begun to develop the burning ice?

A. It is a developed country. B. They want to help other countries.

C. It lacks oil supplies of its own. D. America asked Japan to do so.

62. Which one is the best title of the text?

A. World Energy Shortage B. Burning Ice Holds Hope as Fuel Source

C. Methane Hydrates D. Methane Hydrates Spread around the World


For John and Amy Cervantes, birthdays have always been a big deal — a welcome excuse to celebrate life. When their eldest son, Alex, turned three, in 2005, they invited 20 friends to a nearby park and hired a clown to paint faces and make balloon animals.

Not long after that, the couple were brainstorming ways to teach Alex about giving to others. “That’ s when a spark went off,” says Amy. “We wanted to do something that would have a strong effect on our community, that wasn’t already being done, and that our young children could participate in. I started wondering what less fortunate kids do on their birthdays. The next day, we called a local shelter.” What they learned is that homeless children typically don’t do anything to celebrate. No cake. No gifts. No party.

Several weeks later, the family threw a party at the shelter for the children who had birthdays that month. They decorated, served cake, and led 50 kids in the uncertain situation. Alex helped fill and pass out goody bags and presents. Since that first party, the couple have turned their simple idea into Birthday Blessings, a nonprofit that hosts monthly parties at ten shelters in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. The group also delivers baby supplies to new moms in the shelters. And it considerately sends treats to elementary schools so homeless kids can celebrate their birthdays with friends.

To date, Birthday Blessings has thrown more than 500 parties and handed out over 22,000 favors to nearly 4,000 homeless children. The idea is spreading fast, with additional chapters set to start in Atlanta, Cincinnati, and northeast Indiana. Birthday Blessings is operated entirely by volunteers with Amy, a stay-at-home mom, in charge. John attempts his career as an investment adviser while setting up the group’s similar network and running its capital campaign. The charity will take almost anything — toys, baby items — as long as it’s not used. “These kids never get anything new,” John says. “It makes a big difference to them psychologically.”

Being part of this“labor of love,” as Amy puts it, is already making an impression on the boys. When Alex turned seven, his grandparents sent a birthday check. “The first thing he said when he opened it,” Amy recalls, “was that he wanted to give half to the birthday kids.”

63. “a spark went off,” in Para 2 is closest in meaning to_______ .

A. Something was burning B. there was a little hope

C. they were excited. D. some good idea flashed into their mind.

64. The couple held a party at the shelter because_____ .

A. The children had birthdays that month

B. They felt sympathy for the homeless children

C. They wanted to make good impression on the children

D. They wanted to show that they were generous and kind

65. From the passage we can learn_______ .

A. The homeless children typically receive gifts and eat cakes on their birthdays

B. The group carefully sends treats to all the children in elementary schools

C. Birthday Blessings has performed different activities to aid the homeless children.

D. The couple are responsible for their own community in North Carolina

66. Which would be the best title for the passage?

A. Labor of Love B. Nonprofit Organization

C. Warm-hearted Volunteers. D. Fortunate Children


President Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama has already made China extremely angry and stirred up Tibet advocates who thought it should have come sooner. China says Tibet is part of it, and that the meeting represents an unwanted intrusion(侵犯) into its own affairs. Many Americans still see the Dalai Lama as the representative of a people treated cruelly by Chinese rule. Many Tibetans are dissatisfied with Chinese rule, and this has led to widespread rioting(暴乱) over the past few years. Theywantself-determination; fair enough. But that seems to be the only story about Tibet that is ever told. The other story is — Looking at growth, standard of living, infrastructure(基础设施), and GDP, one thing is clear: China has treated Tibetans amiably.

Since 2001, Beijing has spent $45.4 billion on development in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). The effect: double-digit GDP growth for the past nine years. About a third of the money went to infrastructure investment, including the train connecting Beijing to Lhasa. The train provides an opportunity for Tibetan goods to be sold outside of the region and for a massive increase in number of tourists, reaching more than 5.5 million in 2009 — up from close to 2 million in 2005, the year before the train. While Tibetan independence groups like Free Tibet raise concerns about the increase in tourism, Hillman,a Tibet expert, points out that “tourism is an important industry that can benefit local Tibetans.”
Infrastructure improvements have not only helped grow the economy but also have aided in modernizing remote parts of Tibet, an area with 3 million people about twice the size of France.

Though Tibet is seriously puzzled by the "special contradiction" of the Dalai Lama, the central government stressed the need for Tibet to develop using the "combination of economic growth, well-off life, a healthy eco-environment, and social stability and progress" and The government is offering Tibetans the same bargain it has offered the rest of the country: in exchange for a great rise in living standards, the government requires citizens to stop having the right to free worship and free speech. Even if Tibetan residents never signed the contract, they have benefited from its policy—a fact Obama might keep in mind when he meets the Dalai Lama.

67. What does the underlined word “amiably” in the first paragraph mean?

A. rudely B. kindly C. politely D. coldly

68. According to the writer’s viewpoint it can be inferred that .

A. it doesn’t matter much to the Chinese government whether Tibetan problems exist

B. all the Americans agree with their president Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama

C. Hillman and Free Tibet hold different attitudes towards the increase in tourism

D. the Tibet Autonomous Region is an area of dense(稠密的) population

69. What can be learnt about the writer from the passage? The writer ______ .

A. urges the Chinese government to promote economy in Tibet

B. has an obvious political trend

C. describes what a happy life Tibetans are living to the public

D. states the facts as they are

70. The writer’s attitude towards the economical policy of the Chinese government in Tibet is ____ .

A. positive B. negative C. doubtful D. pessimistic

第四部分:书面表达 (共两节,满分40分)

第一节:完成句子 (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)


例:We ______ (起床) before dawn. It was still dark outside. (get)

答案: got up